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The client requested a small sunroom addition and rethinking the material palette of the home. They wanted something that felt more timeless and less “cliché farmhouse.” We explored a few concepts but ultimately decided staying with the existing form established for the addition felt most respectful of what already has been constructed and was most economical. Prior to Ario’s engagement, the foundation for the new addition had already been poured, so the location had already been set. Something was needed to break up the length of the addition on the front of the house. The new fireplace that was added accomplished this as well as added a contemporary detail and new material that compliments the structure. We changed the material palette to a beautiful hunter green as well as natural wood materials to blend the house into the woods and give it more of an established and classically modern feel. On the back side of the house an added trellis system as well as planters and wraps the yard to create a more natural flow between indoor and outdoor entertaining space in the home.

Modern farmhouse


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